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Zocalo Grill

Parties larger than 6, please call ahead.

Buy any fish or seafood from our fish market available to cook to your preference, inquire about prices.​


Sunday through Thursday 10am-8pm

 Friday and Saturday 10am-8:30pm

Shrimp Burger

Surf+Turf Molcajete

Oyster "Under the Sun" with Ceviche

Agrachile Molcajete

Fish Ceviche on Tostadas

Sesame Chicken Teriyaki Salad

Steak Tacos with Cabbage Salad

El Chapo


Fried Tilapia

Seafood Molcajete


Cajun Shrimp Platter

Shrimp Gringas

Featured Dishes

Have an event?

Call us!

Great for business luncheons, parties, celebrations, etc.

Market to Grill

Pick your fresh seafood and have it cooked right next door on our grill

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